Ted Martin

Artist Bio

If I picked one thing that fascinates me about photography it's the element of surprise. Forty years ago, I was surprised every time I worked in the darkroom and watched negatives emerge into fascinating contact prints and eventually stunning images. It still seems like we jumped from the darkroom straight into digital work which most of us bucked at first but now I'm doing surprising things with my digital photographs that I never imagined.

I like venues that contain surprises like the abandoned jail in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. Then there are Arizona's slot canyons with their endless images buried in stone and light that become gorgeous geishas, bears, howling dogs and drunken cowboys.

Memphis, TN is my home. I live downtown, and just a short walk away is the long-ago abandoned Tennessee Brewery. Taggers have decorated the walls of this monstrous building, yet somehow ghosts linger in the background. I can't explain it - they are just there in my pictures.

See for yourself.

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