Janice Raiteri

Artist Bio

My orgastracts must make people stop and linger and wonder.
Otherwise, I have not succeeded.
I think in ink, allowing my paintings to evolve organically into works of art
that continue to reveal themselves.
My idea of what my orgastracts "say" is definite.
However, if your idea is different, that's fine with me.

A fifteen year absence from Memphis took me to Oxford, MS, Lawrence, KS, and Portland, OR. Presently, I work in a studio at Marshall Arts in downtown Memphis. Fortunately, some of my paintings make it here, to Harrington Brown Gallery. When not painting, I teach "Art of the Human Experience" and "Ancient Global Literature" for Jones International University and write short stories (seven published so far).

Present Gallery Representation

Harrington Brown Gallery (Memphis, TN)

Former Gallery Representation

Gallery 56 (Curator and Artist)(Memphis, TN)
The Attic (Portland, OR)
Southside Gallery (Oxford, MS)

Artist Exhibitions

Solo Shows

"Esthetic Arrest" -- Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN
"Pilgrimage" -- Upstairs at Harrington Brown, Memphis, TN
"To Think...In Ink" -- Gallery 56, Memphis, TN
"Goodnight Moon" -- Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN
"Masked Acceptance" -- Milton Gallery, Lawrence, KS
"Floating Lilies" -- City Grocery, Oxford, MS

Group Shows

December, March, May, June, and July Group Showings -- Harrington Brown Gallery, Memphis, TN
"Open Studios" -- Marshall Arts, Memphis, TN
"13 at 56" -- Gallery 56, Memphis, TN
"Art for Heart" -- Lebonheur Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN
*Several of my paintings are now in the permanent collection at Lebonheur.
"August at the Attic" -- The Attic, Portland, OR
"Local Color" -- Southside Gallery, Oxford, MS

Also, awards at various Art Group shows in Memphis

As "Picture Lady" (volunteer for local public schools), for twelve years I gave presentations in hopes of spreading my passion for art and encouraging creativity.

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